Deck Installation and Repair in Milton, MA

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Decks are an incredibly versatile space outside your home. A well-designed deck adds accessible outdoor square footage to your home, and while you may not be able to enjoy some decks year-round, the benefits extend far beyond just having a place to put your grill. In reality, a well-designed deck improves your home’s desirability, functionality, and curb appeal.

A deck, patio, or other formal outdoor space is a place to make memories, but it’s not easy to build a deck on your own unless you have the right tools and experience. When you’re ready to renovate your outdoor space, contact the experts at Blueprint General Contracting for help.

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Deck Design from the Ground Up

Today’s decks come in more shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes than ever before. If you want a deck that you can utilize year-round, we can just as easily help you build a three-season or four-season patio as a fully exposed deck.

We’ll nail down the deck design for your new space before we touch a single piece of lumber. Each homeowner has different needs for their deck, and while you might prefer a budget-friendly pressure-treated deck, your neighbor might want a composite deck that’s resistant to moisture and pests. Either way, our design team has the experience and style knowledge to create the perfect solution for you.

Deck Installation and Repair

At Blueprint General Contracting, our experts can both install brand-new decks and repair existing ones. While most decks can last decades, it’s important to repair them promptly and maintain them over time. After all, a rotting and neglected deck is a dangerous deck, and you don’t want a hazard like that around your family home.

If your deck has seen better days, consider allowing our experts to inspect it, replace any dangerous areas, and refinish it to your liking. A new stain or seal can extend the life of your deck by several years, especially with routine maintenance.

If you’re tired of your old deck or don’t have one at all, you’ll have significantly more choices. Today’s decks come in virtually any color, shape, height, and material. If you need help choosing, our design team can help you come up with an appearance that matches your home.

Why Build a Deck?

A beautiful deck doesn’t just add the finishing touch to the exterior of your dream home. A deck is one of the best ways you can build functional space inside (or outside) your home.

Decks cost significantly less to build than home additions, and while you may not be able to make the most of an exposed deck year-round in all climates, the appeal of an indoor-outdoor space is undeniable.

After all, no matter where you live, there’s nothing better than enjoying a cookout on your deck over the holidays or on a beautiful day.

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